June 11, 2023

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WEEKLY MENU PLAN (#377) collage hero image

WEEKLY MENU PLAN (#377) – Diethood

WEEKLY MENU System (#377) – A delicious selection of meal, side dish, and dessert recipes to aid you program your weekly menu and make life easier for you!

WEEKLY MENU PLAN (#377) collage hero image

In these menu ideas, I will be sharing some of our favourite recipe suggestions for you to use as you are arranging out your foods for the week. Just click on any of the recipe titles or images to get the recipe.

A tiny about how we system our 7 days and our menu plan:

Mondays are soup and salad.
Tuesdays we are bringing you mouth watering Mexican delicacies.
Wednesdays are a taste of Italy.
Thursdays are designed all-around yummy sandwiches, burgers, and wraps.
Fridays are a no cook working day close to in this article. Heading out with close friends and cherished types is one thing that we believe is important. It is your night off from cooking- delight in!
Saturdays are an exotic foodstuff night time, it is a excellent evening to attempt something new, from cooking with seafood, to making an attempt Indian, Thai, or Macedonian dishes.
Sundays are a common outdated fashioned household evening meal – feel meat and potatoes.

There will also often be a couple of delectable desserts or beverages to use any working day you would like.
A new weekly menu plan will be posted each individual FRIDAY early morning so be confident to examine again every single week!


7 days #377

Monday black and white label
Easy Lentil Soup Recipe | Healthy Soup & A Bowl of Comfort!
wedges of colored tomatoes topped with slices of red onions and crumbled feta cheese
Tuesday black and white label
top view of Instant Pot Chicken Mole served in a bowl with rice and sprinkled with cheese and cilantro
Wednesday black and white label
close up shot of lobster ravioli arranged on a plate and garnished with cream sauce, lemon slices, and thyme.
Thursday black and white label
Lifting out Ham and Swiss Cheese Sliders with a spatula
Friday black and white label

***Date Night***

Saturday black and white label
five chicken thighs cooking in a baking dish with rice and bok choy.
Sunday black and white label
Roast Beef on cooling rack.
Instant Pot Mashed Cauliflower with Garlic and Chives - Creamy, buttery mashed cauliflower combined with plenty of garlic and chives makes for one super flavorful side dish! Mashed cauliflower is the perfect low carb alternative to mashed potatoes, and made in a fraction of the time, thanks to our Instant Pot. 
Dessert black and white label
Close-up shot of the corner of a white casserole dish with an apple dessert, showing the apples, topping, and syrup. A spoon is resting in the empty part of the casserole dish.
Pomegranate Yogurt Smoothie | www.diethood.com | Delicious, quick and healthy Pomegranate Yogurt Smoothie made with Pomegranate juice, yogurt, and sweetened with honey. | #recipe #healthyrecipes #smoothie

Do you like my meal strategies but desire you could make a handful of improvements? Excellent news – you can! My weekly menus are now accessible on Relish+ where by you can customize the designs, get a searching listing, and even order the groceries you require. See how simple it is to get structured with Diethood Meal Strategies and Relish+ right here!